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The Cairo Criminal Court, which is being held at the Police Academy, headed by Councilor Muhammad Shīrīn Fahmy, will complete the trial of the convicted Muhammad Morsi and the trials of 10 others in the case known as “Communication with Qatar”.
`Āssem `Abd Al-Mājed, one of the founders of the Jamā`at al-Islāmiyya, claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood was entirely responsible for the complete failure of the Islamist movement.
Dr. Muḥammad Nūr Faraḥāt, professor of constitutional and international law, said that the youth movements do not have the adequate and required ability to propose alternatives in the current political scene, considering that the power possessed by the youth is limited to staging protests only.
An Egyptian Court will issue today, Saturday, its verdict on the lawsuit to ban all religious parties that had been founded after the January 25 Revolution, the Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood at the fore.
Since the ancient Egypt to the present day, the concept of duality colors much of the Egyptian way of thinking. Many symbols were used by the ancient Egyptians, some of their associations and meanings are lost to us.
Al-Yawm al-Sābi' reported that Mahmūd Fathi, leader of the Salafi party Al-Fadila (Virtue Party), had financed and founded the group that executed the assassination of General Prosecutor Hishām Barakāt, according to new documentations and information provided to Egypt's Supreme Security...
Egyptian comedian and satirical media presenter, Bāsem Yūsuf, tweeted a series of harsh attacks against the Muslim Brothers on the fifth anniversary of the January Revolution. According to the comedian, the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the current condition of deterioration Egypt endures.
Egyptian economist and political expert, Dr. `Amr `Abd al-Rāzeq said that the Property Survey Committee tasked with managing assets and funds of the banned Muslim Brotherhood had revealed shocking facts, confirming that Egypt was on the path of no return, had the Muslim Brotherhood continued to...
Professor of Economics and Political Sciences at Cairo University, Dr. Hassan Salāma, confirmed that Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the militant Islamic group Ansār Bait al-Maqdis (Supporters of the Holy House, Jerusalem) are one entity, especially after the latter had sworn allegiance to the Islamic...
In a recent video posted on the Sinai-based Dā`esh website, the militant Islamist group also known as Islamic State of Syria and the Levant, called on the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) of Egypt to renounce its 'peaceful protest' and to take up arms against the current regime.


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