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Truth has got one face. But every accident has hundreds of false faces. Egypt has become the target of malicious lie sellers who are praying every day in the temple of manipulation. One of them is the conspiracy of the truck against the Copts. Another attack comes through a highly selective way of...
Mustafa Mashhour, the general guide for the Muslim Brothers, declared that the Islamic country under the leadership of the Muslim Brothers will be established in the year 2028.
Almost two years after a group of Egyptian political activists defected from the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to establish a political party, Al-Wasat (Centre), there have been indications that the party may never see the light of day. The lawyer of the would-be founders, Mohamed Selim El-Awwa, says...
Egypt’s largest Islamist militant group, the Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiyya, has announced several new initiatives as part of its effort to switch from violent opposition to the government to a legal alternative, its lawyers said.
Egyptian state prosecutors said that they had released on April 11, four members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement who were detained with 24 others last month.
Egyptian people disappeared from Islamic historical books, making Egypt to seem as if it was, on the eve of occupation, an empty, uninhabited stretch of land. Hardly any references have been made to the Egyptian people or the Copts. By omitting the Coptic age in syllabuses they think in a non-...
The story of a Coptic politician from the younger generation.
State repression of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement has increased considerably in recent years, according to a report released by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) on January 12.
An interview with the Minister of Interior about the security situation; releasing fundamentalist detainees, fighting terrorism, the minister’s refusal to meet with the Muslims Brothers, the branch of the F. B. I. in Cairo, Egypt’s attitude to Britain’s refusal to extradite terrorists.
In the previous articles in Usbua reference was made to this article. The RNSAW found the text and translated it for its readers. Maurice Sadek is accused of demanding foreign intervention to protect the Copts of Egypt. Sadek explains his views.


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