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The article reports on disputes among the Muslim Brotherhood over its stance towards the judges’ crisis and the idea of establishing a political party.
‘Alā’ Matar accuses the Muslim Brotherhood of being ambiguous over news about their internal elections. He believes that such ambiguity hides many conflicts among members of the group.
Letters containing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Irshād [Guidance] office’s instructions for voting in the presidential election have been secretly circulated.
In an exclusive statement to al-Dustour, the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood has announced that "the group sees no problem with building churches." Member of the Irshād [guidance] Office, Dr. Mahmoud ‘Izzat has argued that "People of the Book" are entitled to have their own houses of...
The article gives an account and a brief history of the most influential contemporary figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, particularly those in the Irshād [Guidance] Office.
The note which was found in the wallet of one of the suspects in the last lawsuit of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a key document in the lawsuit. The note is entitled "the syndicates’ membership department" which is described as one of the technical offices supervised by the guidance office of the...
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