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Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt stress that the future general guide will be chosen from among the members of the ?Guidance Committee,? who are all Egyptians. Leaders of the international Brotherhood group object to confining the position of the general guide to Egyptian leaders.
Egyptian papers run dozens of articles on a variety of subjects directly or indirectly related to the Muslim Brotherhood’s military-style rally at Azhar University’s campus. Analysts and commentators saw the Brotherhood’s military-style protest from various, but still close, perspectives, with...
The review tackles the controversial statements made by Brotherhood chief Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif that he was ready to send 10,000 men to fight alongside Ḥizb Allāh militants against Israel.
The author warns of a conspiracy by Hamās, through the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, to make Jordan a substitute country for the Palestinians by turning the Hashemite kingdom into an Islamic country to liberate the Palestinian lands.
The author expresses astonishment over the position taken by the Muslim Brotherhood group in Jordan, who supported Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqāwī in his attacks on the three hotels in Jordan, which claimed lives of scores of civilians.
The author expressed the opinion that the Muslim Brotherhood was the first sponsor and the real founder of all the groups practicing terrorism in the name of religion, including Usama Bin Laden and his followers. He added that it was a group based on deception, as they made innocent young men...
The surprise victory of Hamās in the recent Palestinian parliamentary elections and the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on Jordanian politics raise many questions over the future of politics in the Middle East.
The general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood has assigned ‘Askar to attend sessions of the United Islamic Labor Council in Peshawar.
Since Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif took over as murshid [guide] of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in 2004, the group has seemed more politicized than ever. The group has participated, directly or indirectly, in the political actions and dialogue, played its part in the reform process, and expressed...
Due to the importance of the media to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group tends to occupy pre-existing well-known newspapers and magazines to promote its activities, writes Hamdī Rizq.


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