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Women members of the Muslim Brotherhood threatened to refrain from practicing da’wah (call) activities and protest outside the Irshād (Guidance) Office against denying them membership of the office, administrative bureaus in governorates and the group’s general and gubernatorial Shūrá Council. [...
The Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office and the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in al-Muqattam lifted the Emergency Law to monitor closely the referendum in ten governorates.
According to Muslim Brotherhood sources, Taha Wahdan, member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been appointed as the new Supreme Guide. 
Ibrāhīm Munīr the Secretary General of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood stated that the organization in Egypt has held internal elections.
Egyptian economist and political expert, Dr. `Amr `Abd al-Rāzeq said that the Property Survey Committee tasked with managing assets and funds of the banned Muslim Brotherhood had revealed shocking facts, confirming that Egypt was on the path of no return, had the Muslim Brotherhood continued to...
Expert on Islamist movements Ahmad `Atta said that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) internal elections declared by the group of young members of Muhammad Kamāl's MB wing, does not represent the Guidance Bureau or its vision.
A delegation from the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas visited the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood headquarters on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. This meeting coincided with the weekly meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Guidance Office meeting. The delegation contained a number of Hamas leaders,...
In both his presidential campaign and inaugural addresses, President Muhammad Mursī has assured the world of Egypt’s commitment to peace. Yet in the run-up to the final election on June 14, the Muslim Brotherhood published an Arabic article calling this commitment into question.


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