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On August 14, 2013, the Egyptian government broke up the Rābiʿa and al-Nahḍa sit-ins after roughly six weeks since deposing the Muslim Brotherhood from power.  Afterwards, several of those participating in the sit-ins fled to Turkey. 
Former head of the Egyptian parliament’s Energy and Industry Committee, Ĥātem `Azzām directed what he called "an incumbent advice" to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to end the Organization's internal divisions and to join forces with all those who took part in the January 25 Revolution, in order to end...
The Muslim Brotherhood's local administration directed by its spokesman Mahmūd `Ezzat in Egypt has refused to acknowledge a decision issued by the movement's office abroad to remove him and appoint Tal`at Fahmi instead.
According to the Pew Research Center, US media attention for the Egyptian protests has exceeded every foreign policy story over the last four years, commanding 56% of all news coverage.
Salah al-Dīn Hasan asks various members of the Muslim Brotherhood for their views on the degree of democracy within the group and explores the Brotherhood’s internal politics.
Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt stress that the future general guide will be chosen from among the members of the ?Guidance Committee,? who are all Egyptians. Leaders of the international Brotherhood group object to confining the position of the general guide to Egyptian leaders.
The author discusses two controversial documents in the constitution of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as articles that spark incessant arguments about the top position in the outlawed group.
Since democracy was, and still is, missing in the Muslim Brotherhood, men of the second line of the Brotherhood hierarchy fought over the position of supreme guide, who holds all powers. The article briefly sheds light on conflicts over the position.
[According to “A Basic Dictionary of Islam” by Ruqaiyyih Waris Maqsood, Al-Khawarij are the people who dissented from the religion and disagreed with the rest of the Muslims]


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