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Several Arab governments, specifically in the Gulf, are having a tough time dealing with the results of the American presidential elections as their favored candidate, Donald Trump, lost to Joe Biden, whose policies are expected to be more critical towards them.
Magdy Malak reflects on the scope and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and bemoans the lack of any real opposition parties that are able to compete with the ruling National Democratic Party.
  The Muslim Brotherhood (MB)’s Guidance Office witnessed divisions during its meeting on December 29, 2012. The disagreements were about how the group will participate in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. 
Anonymous sources stated that the committee assigned to draft a new parliamentary elections law is about to give 90% of the seats to individuals and 10% to the parties. 
Muslim Brotherhood sources stated that the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has formed a reconciliation committee headed by Ibrahīm Munīr and Mahmūd Hussayn, leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Background: Former Egyptian Ambassador to Algeria, Dr. Ḥussaīn Aḥmad ʾAmīn says the fact that the military court is looking into this case is due to the regime’s desire to put harsh sentences on the detainees. ʾAmīn does not think there is any true justification for having the military court look...
Cairo, May 29 2012: In connection with a visit by an Austrian university delegation to Cairo in May 2012, a presentation by Khaled Hamza, spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood, was arranged. Several other representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood and the editor-in-chief of the Freedom and Justice...
The Muslim Brotherhood is a difficult subject to tackle. Some of this is the fault of others – there appears to be significant bias against them in many quarters. Some of this is their own fault – they are a closed organization accountable to no government oversight.  
The first phase of the Egyptian elections witnessed major influence by religious movements. This became clear on the one hand in discourse in which the political and religious spheres became confused, especially after a rumor spread of the church supporting two candidates from the Egyptian Bloc [a...
Reactions varied inside Coptic circles regarding reports that the church has made election lists supporting the Egyptian Bloc and urging Copts to vote for it.


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