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The Muslim Brotherhood has elected 180 of its members to run for parliament. Dr. Muhammad Badī‘ announced in a press conference that the group decided to run for parliament following a 98% approval rate from its councils on regular seats and 96% on the women’s quota. He added that the upcoming...
The author of this article considers the implication of hypothetically waking up to find Egypt's streets, mosques, churches, and buildings flooded in posters promoting parliamentary candidates saying “Christianity Is the Answer.” He then asks why Egypt forces Christian, Jewish and Baha‘ī citizens...
The Muslim Brotherhood attacked the Supreme Electoral Committee for warning them against using the “Islam Is the Answer” slogan. The group’s Media Adviser, Dr. Jamāl Nasār, said that the Brotherhood had been granted the constitutional right to use the slogan before in previous elections and pointed...
Al-Dustūr writes about the relationship between al-Barād‘ī and the Muslim Brotherhood.
The author talks about the ruling party’s plans to expand in order to compete with the National Democratic Party, but face limited capacities to guarantee their domination.
This article mentions the political tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood and their desire to keep a reserve list for the Shūrá Council.  
This article summaries the new slogan of some Muslim Brotherhood candidates for the upcoming elections which falls away from the usual “Islam is the Solution.”
The governor of al-Qalyūbīyah denounces using houses and worship and schools to achieve political aims.
Last year the Muslim Brotherhood issued the first draft of its political platform, the author comments that the document made use of modern democracy-based vocabulary but questions whether the platform really advocates a civil state.
Magdy Malak reflects on the scope and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and bemoans the lack of any real opposition parties that are able to compete with the ruling National Democratic Party.


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