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Secrecy in the Muslim Brotherhood which makes its members totally obedient to the organization. The logo of the Brotherhood has a Qur’an with two swords, an indication of violence, and members’ belief that the Brotherhood’s war is a holy one by linking the two swords and the Qur’an with the early...
The note which was found in the wallet of one of the suspects in the last lawsuit of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a key document in the lawsuit. The note is entitled "the syndicates’ membership department" which is described as one of the technical offices supervised by the guidance office of the...
What does the Brotherhood have that scares the government? One of the deputies of the General Guide of the Brotherhood is a Syrian. How can Egyptian’s accept this, the paper asks. The arrests of major members of the Brotherhood have caused an internal turmoil. Some Brothers see the crackdown as a...
Minister of Justice Farouq Seif Al Nasr announced on 18 October the names of four judges who would form half of a committee to organize elections in the lawyers’ syndicate.
Recent arrests of Muslim Brotherhood members appear linked to the government’s decision to allow lawyers’ syndicate election to take place.
The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood continued as the prosecutor-general extended the detention of 20 alleged Brotherhood activists, arrested two weeks ago, by another 15 days pending investigation.
The interior minister on 16 October announced the arrest of 20 leader of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the biggest crackdown on the conservative Islamic group in four years.
The detention of 20 leading union figures suspected of belonging to the banned Muslim brotherhood was generally considered an attempt to weaken the Brotherhood’s position in the forthcoming union elections.
Egyptian security authorities recently announced the sudden and completely unexpected arrest of 20 leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
After Egypt recovered from the terrorism whose first seed was planted by the Brotherhood, the latter are back once again playing the same old game, trying to penetrate society’s civil foundations in lawful and legitimate ways.


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