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The author argues that the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in professional syndicates, in particular the Lawyers’ Syndicate, has negatively affected the goals of these syndicates.
The declaration of the start of the Labor Union elections is seen by observers as a war whoop for a battle between members of the Muslim Brotherhood and pro-government candidates.
‘Amr Farouq discusses the role of Mukhtar Nouh, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood but now leader of the Maan [Together] group in the Lawyer’s Syndicate.
An article about the Muslim Brotherhood’s intent to establish a state that has a religious, and not civil nature, and the attitude of the Muslim Brotherhood towards the Copts.
The Egyptian authorities have started a large-scale arrest campaign against members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but the reasons for the detentions remain unclear to most observers.
The article reports and comments on the conflict between the Muslim Brotherhood and Samah Ashour, head of the Bar Association.
The article reports the conflicts between Samah Ashour, the head of the Bar Association, and board members of the association who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. The latest conflict was over holding the third lawyers conference in the coastal city of Ra´s Al-Bar. Brotherhood members claimed...
Samah Ashour, the head of the Bar Association, issued a decision preventing Muhammad Toson, the deputy of the Association, to sign any cheques. Toson is responsible for the affairs of the Muslim Brotherhood lawyers in the association. The decision was given after many conflicts between Ashour and...
The author comments on the relation between the Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association and its head, Samah Ashour.
The article discusses the problems which the Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association cause in the association


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