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The author comments on the relation between the Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association and its head, Samah Ashour.
The article discusses the problems which the Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association cause in the association
The article discusses the attitude of the Muslims Brotherhood, members of the Bar Association towards female lawyers. A group of women lawyers decided to form a committee for women. Their decision disturbed the Muslim Brotherhood.
Four lawyers charge Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association of useless spending of the association by contributing to unqualified members.
The writers discuss the relation between the election in the Journalists´ Syndicate and the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.
A warning for physicians: do not examine a female patient without the presence of her mahram [A person with whom marriage is forbidden. A relationship by marriage or close blood ties that permanently prohibits marriage between two people, and therefore they are allowed to be in privacy together...
The head of the Egyptian Bar Association failed, after a five-hour meeting, in making any changes in the Association’s office board, which the Brotherhood formed in a previous meeting without his attendance.
Muslim Brotherhood members of the Bar Association planned a revolt against the head of the association and announced that they took control over the association council. It was announced that what the Brotherhood members had done is merely an unsuccessful and unconstitutional upheaval.
Comments on Rose El-Youssef´s special file on the Bar Association and the problems the Muslim Brotherhood causes for it. Many young attorneys send their feedback to the magazine.
Though some members of Egypt’s Bar Association belong to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, the association has now confronted some of the issues that jeopardize its unity and coherence.


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