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The Coptic Orthodox Church held a forum to discuss the reasons behind the passivity of the Copts in political life.
This is an interview with the minister of water resources and irrigation, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zayd, on his constitutional capacity as the supervisor of the Engineers’ Syndicate. Abu Zayd explained that the infringements that took place during the syndicate’s last general assembly made the assembly’s...
The article reports about the last general assembly of the Engineers’ Syndicate, saying it was a failure due to the splits among different powers in the syndicate. The author blames the Muslim Brotherhood for the failure.
‘Abd al-Mun‘im Abu al-Futouh spoke in this interview with al-‘ظگArabī about his controversial visit to Egyptian Nobel laureate Najīb Mahfouz within the group’s activities as being in contact with intellectuals in the society, as well as the group’s relations with Copts.
Watanī newspaper held a symposium at the Journalists’ Syndicate headquarters on effective coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Egypt.
The article expresses the Brotherhood’s views regarding the relations with Copts as mentioned in statements by the group’s no. 2 man, Muhammad Habīb, who argues that Copts should never rule Muslims, but that they can participate in the political processes.
Certain parties have managed to dominate the minds of some Europeans and bring them into a state of genuine panic about losing their national identity at the hands of what they called the Islamic cultural invasion. This has been one effective result of the boycott against Denmark following the...
A meeting was held to probe ways to modernize the Egyptian society through joint cooperation between young Muslim and Christian people, and to revive the spirit of camaraderie between them.
Several key Brotherhood members have exerted painstaking efforts trying to initiate dialogue, particularly in Coptic circles and industry and decision-making spheres in the West, but to no avail. Brotherhood murshid [guide] Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif denied statements about his contacts and dialogue with...
The journalists’ syndicate is to hold its monthly Ihsān ‘Abd al-Quddous salon next Sunday to discuss the participation of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group in the upcoming parliamentary elections.


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