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A new edition of the book “Ikhwānistān” by Muhammad Mukhtār, issued by Dār al-'Asr al-Jadīd,follows the original edition which was published before the June 30 Revolution, which saw the ouster of President Mursi, and predicted the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt at a time when it was at...
This report is a review of a recently-published book by Tharwat al-Kharabāwī, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The book is entitled, The Heart of the Brotherhood: Courts of Inquisition. The book, as reviewed, consists of background material on the author and narration of internal...
Rose al-Yūsuf continues to reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to control the educational institution and have more influence over students.
The article reviews the ideological history of the Muslim Brotherhood and their previous tensions with the ruling regime in Egypt.
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdī ‘Ākif dismissed the allegation that any dialogues were taking place between the group and the Americans, saying, “no matter the pressures we are facing inside the country, we would never seek help from the United States. The US knows well that we are totally...
Articles in this week?s papers about the Muslim Brotherhood discuss four issues: the detention of 18 of its members, its role as a source of terrorism in Egypt, the future possibility of its participation in political life, and its activities in the Bar Association.
The article denounces the Sunnah-Shī‘ah disputes. The author reminds the conflicting parties that the two ideologies derive from the same religion, Islām, which commands them to be united.
The writer is discussing the debate about suggestions for reforming religious curricula for secondary schools, because these curricula are said to repeat, word by word, phrases from the books of the executed ex-leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb.
After the Muslim Brotherhood announced their plan to change the ‘banned’ group into a legal political party, many voices were raised in an evaluation of the group’s role in the political life throughout its history.


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