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Revealing moves within the US administration to classify the widespread "Muslim Brotherhood" organization as a "terrorist organization" has generated considerable controversy, particularly about the extent to which this move has affected the Brotherhood's branches in a number of Arab and Islamic...
An unsigned article in al-Dustūr also attacks the forthcoming constitution: “after a period not exceeding 60 days the new ‘Brotherhoodite’ constitution will have been prepared … a clear declaration and announcement of the advent of the Brotherhood state principality.
Anonymous sources stated that the Muslim Brotherhood sent a letter to the Government of the UK, which was published by British newspapers.
'Issām Tulaymah, former director of Yūsuf Al-Qardāwī office, described the Muslim Brotherhood Organisation (MBO) as a “drug” that is given to its members all the time, and called for its abolition. In an article published on a website loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, Tulaymah praised the...
Egyptian media anchor, Yusrī Fūda, producer and host of a new international Arab language program, The Fifth Estate, for the German-financed international Deutsche-Welle (DW), has criticized some of the conceptions adopted by Islamist groupings, in particular, the Muslim Brotherhood.
In its report published on May 27, Foreign Policy uncovers the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in fanning the flame of sectarian strife against the Copts in Egypt.
`Ali Jūm`ah, member of the Senior `Ulema Council and former Mufti of Egypt, launched an attack on the Muslim Brotherhood, describing them as a “terrorist group that persists to Mūshrik (polytheist) attitude.”
A book entitled "The Muslim Brotherhood, The Roots Of Religious Extremism And Terrorism In Egypt" by the author Al-Sayed Yūsuf, is considered an objective study covering the history of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization in many respects.
In response to the Muslim Brotherhood sympathizing with the terrorist Habbāra, General Secretary of Long Live Egypt Fund, Tāreq Mahmūd, commented that the Muslim Brotherhood's statement in which it deplores the execution of the Sinai militant, `Ādel Habbāra, shows that the banned organization does...


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