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The Supreme State Security Prosecution extended the imprisonment of eight defendants, who were deported from the Gulf to Egypt, for 15 days pending investigations over accusations of their joining a terrorist group established contrary to the provisions of the law and the Constitution.
Egyptian human rights activists circulated news this Sunday that the detainee ʿĀʾisha al-Shāṭir, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Khayrat al-Shāṭir, was transferred to prison hospital after her health deteriorated due to her hunger strike, which is approaching its third consecutive week.
The Cairo Criminal Court continues to hear the prosecutor's pleading in the retrial of the ousted President Muḥammad Mursī and 23 Brotherhood leaders in connection with Ḥamas with the maximum sentence imposed on the defendants. The session will be held under the chairmanship of Judge Muḥammad...
Former prisoners belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations report that the "Independent Youth Initiative,” an old initiative which was resurrected a few days ago, is a familiar tactic used in prisons to drive a wedge between the leadership of Muslim Brotherhood and the...
Today, Saturday, Cairo Criminal Court renewed the detention of 4 indicters for 45-day pending investigation on charge of financing terrorism, including the daughter of a Yūsuf al-Qaraḍāwī, ʿUlā.   Both ʿUlā al-Qaraḍāwī and her husband were arrested by the Egyptian security authorities in July 2017...
After he has saved 491 Muslim Brotherhood members from death, the naming that some Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers have given Shaykh Shawqī ‘Allām, Grand Muftī of Egypt, is no longer applicable.
A security campaign that was held by the general security section in the Ministry of Interior has led to the death of Takfiris , destroying three houses and 3 tunnels and seven huts in Rafah and Shaykh Zuwayid.
Counselor Ahmad al- Bulqī, Attorney of the North Giza Prosecution, has ordered the imprisonment of 11 defendants for 15 days pending investigations.
The New York police has arrested two days ago,  a group of 9, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and carrying the signs of Rāb’ah.
Security sources revealed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood, members of the  Devils of Damanhūr (‘Afarit Damanhūr) cell and Danak cell, who were arrested in Beheira have given confessions in front of policemen.


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