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The detention of 20 leading union figures suspected of belonging to the banned Muslim brotherhood was generally considered an attempt to weaken the Brotherhood’s position in the forthcoming union elections.
Egyptian security authorities recently announced the sudden and completely unexpected arrest of 20 leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.
In a continuing clampdown on the clandestine Muslim Brotherhood, security forces on Thursday detained 20 alleged members of the group. Sixteen of the Islamist leaders were picked up as they held a meeting in the Maadi office of the Engineering Organizations’ Union. Others were arrested at their...
Egyptian authorities launched an unprecedented crackdown against Brotherhood activists in the professional syndicates on October 14, ending a four-year unofficial truce the state had maintained with some of the organization’s more prominent and dynamic members.
Egypt’s state security prosecutor Friday ordered that 20 people, accused of belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood, be detained for 15 days pending further investigations, security sources said Saturday.
Security forces arrested the three leaders of the new organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The state security prosecution faced the three leaders -- engineer Mohammed Ali Bashir, Dr. Mohammed Abd Al-Bad’a Abd Al-Maged and Dr. Sa’ad Zaghloul -- with investigations that assured that they are the...
Egyptian security forces arrested and detained three suspected members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement on August 28, bringing the total number of suspected brothers rounded up in raids across the country in August alone, to nearly 30.
Eleven Muslim Brothers have been arrested in three cities in northern Egypt for possession of anti-government leaflets and organizing meetings to lure new members, police said on July 16.
A high state security court [in Egypt] on 12 July began to try 14 alleged members of the Gamaa Islamiya. And, eleven alleged Muslim Brothers have been arrested for possession of anti-government leaflets and organizing meetings to lure new members.
Learned sources within the Muslim Brotherhood organization unveiled that currently a fierce struggle is taking place within the circles of leadership of the organization over their position regarding the issue of nomination of President Hosni Mubarak for the fourth presidential term.
The state security has arrested an underground group loyal to the dissident Muslim Brotherhood. The group comprises of 11 members, eight of which have been arrested.
Egyptian state prosecutors said that they had released on April 11, four members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement who were detained with 24 others last month.
News of security clampdowns on members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood is never a surprise. Although it has been banned since 1954, the group not only continues to function but wins over new members - all in violation of the law. Analysts tend to read into the timing and scale of some of the...
Police arrested in the past two days a new group of people in Kafr Al-Sheikh and Ismailia and accused them of joining the Muslim Brothers.
The police makes an effort to prevent Muslim Brothers to recruit new members at university campuses.


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