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The Muslim Brotherhood group asserted that one of its active members died last Monday as a result of torture at one of the police stations in Giza. Egyptian authorities denied this claim and asserted that the Brotherhood promotes wrong information to defame the government. The General Guide of the...
The Egyptian State Security Prosecution decided to extend the imprisonment of 17 Brotherhood members pending further investigations in two separate cases. The 17 members were arrested six months ago.
The investigations of the Egyptian State Security Prosecution in relation to the case of 25 fundamentalists, showed that a former Brotherhood leader played an important role in establishing a group planning to hit US and Western assets in Arab and Islamic countries.
Security forces arrested Dr. Gamal Heshmet, former member of the Parliament on the pretext of affiliating to the banned group of the Muslim Brotherhood. A large number of security forces broke into Heshmet’s apartment with wooden ladders.
The writer reports that the Egyptian security police arrested Gamal Heshmat, former brotherhood and Parliament member and others during their meeting in Heshmat´s house to discuss the thoughts of their network.
The writer comments on arresting former Parliament and Brotherhood member, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, in the light of the conflict between the security and the Muslim Brotherhood since 1995.
Egyptian prosecution extended the prison sentence of 19 Brotherhood members and examined the status of another six members.
The article reports on the fierce attacks launched recently by members of the Muslim Brotherhood against President Mubārak.
The Supreme State Security Prosecution decided to renew the jail sentence of 25 Muslim Brotherhood members who have been detained last month.
Egyptian authorities released three Brotherhood members before the end of their term, which is five years. The Brotherhood believes this is a good initiative.


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