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The New York police has arrested two days ago,  a group of 9, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and carrying the signs of Rāb’ah.
Security sources revealed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood, members of the  Devils of Damanhūr (‘Afarit Damanhūr) cell and Danak cell, who were arrested in Beheira have given confessions in front of policemen.
The Administrative Court, Education Section, headed by Counselor Hātim Salāh has reprimanded former head of Azhar university Dr. Usāmah al- ‘Abd and accused him of not applying the correct laws on the students of the Muslim Brotherhood
  Former MB leader Ibrahim Rabee described the fugitive Egyptian terrorist Hisham Ashmawi, al-Qaeda Leader in Derna, who was captured by the Libyan army as the black box of the Muslim Brotherhood and the other extremist organizations in Libya.
The Assiūt Military Court set verdict sessions, today, Saturday, on 16 accused of rioting in the Upper-Egyptian districts of Deir Mawās and Mallāwī, in Assiūt.
An Egyptian court on Sunday issued a death sentence against a pro-Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian cleric, according to Anadolu news agency quoting a judicial source. According to the source, the 3rd judicial circuit of Alexandria Criminal Court sentenced on Sunday to death by hanging the Islam preacher...
According to Pal-Tech Website, the Egyptian newspapers had reported Dr. Shawqī `Allām, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, has endorsed the death sentence against former president Muhammad Mursi in the case of escaping from the Wādī al-Natrūn Prison.
Nījād al-Bora`ī, lawyer and human rights activist said that. “The words of Dr. Muhammd al- Beltāgī during his trial about his torture in al-`Aqrab Prison are an official statement against Gen. Hassan al-Sūhāgī, the assistant minister of the Interior's Prison Sector.”
The Directorate of Giza Security said that the National Security Directorate has information that Mūstafa Mesbāh, accused of joining the terrorist group Ajnād Misr has contacts with leaders of Al-Qā`eda.


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