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The Egyptian Church has denied accusations levelled against it by the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that it had mobilized Copts to vote against the draft constitution during the first round of the referendum which took place last Saturday (15 December).
Dr. Najīb Jubrā'īl, Head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights Organization, said that the Muslim Brotherhood are trying to enforce the Church name in the current events even though the Church did not interfere in politics and did not incite Copts to do anything (referring to protests off the...
Dr. Rev. Safwat al-Bayādī, head of the Evangelical Church in Egypt, stressed that Church withdrawal form the Constituent Assembly was due to not including Copts in the Constitution although they are half of the community. 
The Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Office and the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters in al-Muqattam lifted the Emergency Law to monitor closely the referendum in ten governorates.
Independent human rights organizations, monitoring the referendum over the draft Constitution, detected several attempts of preventing Copts from voting.
Dr. Saʿd al-Katātnī, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, instructed Coptic members of the FJP to open dialogue with leaders of churches that quit the constituent assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt and to set a date for a meeting with them in two days in an...
Bishop Bīshūy held a closed meeting with leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) inside St. Dimyana Monastery in the town of Bilqās, al-Qalyubia governorate to discuss the status of Copts in the draft constitution, planned to be finalized...
Michel Aoun, a former Lebanese army commander and currently a politician and leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, warned that changing the regime of Syrian President Bashār al-Assad would wreak havoc with Lebanon and the Christians living inside it.  
  Pope Tawadros II stated in an interview on the al-Haya satellite channel that the Muslim Brotherhood did not pressure him to support them in the elections, but that the Head of the Office of President of the Republic requested him to visit former president Morsi, which he refused. 
Egyptian newspaper Al-Yawm al-Sābiʿ referred to a Foreign Policy report stating that the supporters of the deposed president, Muhammad Morsi (Mursī), have attacked churches and Copts as a punishment for their strong opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood rule.  


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