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The suspicious visit of Michael Munīr to Egypt, head of the United States Coptic Organization, has raised questions about the kind of demands he may make.
Michael ‘Ādil looks back on the main events of the year for the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author argues that the quota system for Egyptian Christians in parliamentary and state positions will not offer a good solution to the problem of religious fanaticism. The only way to address this is to stick to secularism and to belongingness to the nation, before religion.
The article tackles the problems with the Islamic-Christian dialogue, highlighting the problems Copts are facing regarding their integration into Muslim society.
The Supreme Council for Culture organizes a symposium on ‘Religion and Nationalism’
Fādī Habashī interviews Bishop Mousā, the bishop of youth, and discusses with him the current problems Copts are facing.
A symposium entitled, ‘How can I live as a Copt?’ held in Shubra, discussed the role of Copts and the importance of their effective contribution to society.
The author deals in this article with citizenship and Muslim- Christian relations in Egypt.
The status of Copts in the Muslim Brotherhood’s literature is the reason why Copts fear the rise of the Islamic group.
The Muslim Brotherhood prepares a document on its position regarding the Copts and the principle of citizenship, particularly in light of accusations that the group did not react strongly enough to the bloody incidents of Alexandria, settling only for statements denouncing assaults on...


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