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The author deals with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood’s attempts to destabilize the Ma‘ādī Sporting & Yacht Club (M.S.Y.C.) during its board elections, by supporting the list of the contender to the incumbent chairman to guarantee as many seats in the board as possible.
The state security arrested, last week, a new Muslim Brotherhood organization headed by a professor of at the Nuclear Energy Authority and seized for the first time survey forms contain questions about the kind of obstacles facing the group activities in the society.
Five children were accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and were detained for two hours in the Marsa Matrouh governorate.
The author discusses the arrest of a number of students and supervisors at a summer camp believed to be connected with a Muslim Brotherhood school, and notes different viewpoints on whether such schools should be allowed.
Claims that the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to take control over the board of sports clubs.
A Brotherhood member who is also a member of a shooting club sent a message to several banks warning them about dealing with the current management board after he acquired a judicial ruling that the board had been formed in an illegal way.
The 17 representatives of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood decided to compete with the leftist opposition Tagammu party over the presidency of the opposition bloc in the parliament after the withdrawal of the right wing Wafd party.
The founder of Al-Wasat party denied that Sheikh Amr Khalid had any relationship with the party and said that preventing Khalid from preaching was a fabricated groundless crisis. Essam Sultan said, for a short time, that Khalid was a Brotherhood member but, he then left the group completely.
The author believes the Muslim Brotherhood helped Amr Khalid to become the sheikh of the elite and prevented him from teaching.
Two members of the Muslim Brotherhood are entering the elections at a sporting club in Alexandria. The club’s general assembly is thinking about the changes the club will see if the Brotherhood’s candidates win.
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