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In this article, Egyptian researcher Dr. Kamāl Ḥabīb narrows down ten writings that he believes lay the foundation for using violence and explicitly call for it under the concepts of al-ḥākimiyya [God’s sovereignty], defending Muslim lands, and applying the sharīʿah [Islamic law]. 
A few weeks ago, Turkish authorities released an Egyptian terrorist sentenced to death in Egypt for his role in the Kerdasa [Kirdāsa] Massacre after detaining him for six months without explaining the reason for his detention or his subsequent release.
On Sunday, the summary proceedings court in Egypt ruled to confiscate the finances of 89 leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and transfer them to the state treasury. 
Hours after Washington classified the “Ḥasm” Movement in Egypt and the “Wilāyat Sīnāʾ” Organization, which is affiliated with ISIS, as foreign terrorist organizations, the American State Department announced placing Egyptians Yaḥyā al-Sayyid Ibrāhīm Mūsā and ʿAlāʾ ʿAlī Muḥammad al-Samāḥī on the...
On August 14, 2013, the Egyptian government broke up the Rābiʿa and al-Nahḍa sit-ins after roughly six weeks since deposing the Muslim Brotherhood from power.  Afterwards, several of those participating in the sit-ins fled to Turkey. 
In this editorial, the author analyzes the political role al-Azhar has played in the years following the 2011 revolution and how it tried to resolve the political and social crises at the time.  The author then compares the work that al-Azhar did to that of the Muslim Brotherhood and its inability...
Al-Salafī al-Da’wah responds to the Muslim Brotherhood: We do not atone the military leaders Shaykh Yāsir Barhāmī, Vice-President of Al-Salafī Da’wah (the Salafī Call), refused what several figures in the Muslim Brotherhood did, calling the army generals police leaders infidels (Rāmī Nuwwār, al-...
Dr. Yusuf al- Qaradāwī, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholar has requested the members of the union to convene in Turkey to discuss the crisis that the Muslim Brotherhood organization is going through.
Al-Qā`eda chief in Afghanistan, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawāhery, used his public video to sharply criticize Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and its founder Shaikh Hassan al-Banna, who, according to Al-Zawāhery, had made serious mistakes, when he pledged allegiance to King Farūq as 'defender of the Qūr'ān'.


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