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Ahmad Hamroush comments on interviews with the new supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdi ‘Akef, which occupied much of the Egyptian press. In light of the history of this group, the writer deduces the attitudes of the new leader towards aggressive attacks and assassinations.
The guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Mahdi Akef rejects the projects of change that come from abroad, stressing that change that is effected by force or top level decision will have a limited effect. “Solutions imported from abroad will not solve our problems,” Akef said.
Mahdī Muhammad cĀkif, Supreme General of the Muslim Brotherhood, received a warning from a young lawyer who used to be a member of the Brotherhood and whose membership was frozen when he raised some questions concerning democracy within the group.
About the same time as his predecessor last year, the sixth leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Ma’moun al-Hudaybī passed away, leaving behind a controversy around the nomination of the new leader.
When Mukhtār Nouh was released in 2002, he carried a reconciliation initiative between the government and the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, his initiative was rejected by the elders of the Brotherhood who distrust a government that arrests and tortures its members and aims at eradicating the group.


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