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The Coptic Orthodox Church is maintaining its position regarding Mursī’s decrees today (November 24) as Bishop Pachomius and Pope Tawadros II are meeting to discuss the constitutional declaration while Coptic activists termed the decrees as a “setback that marks the beginning of the division of...
Coptic movements and groups expressed rejection against the constitutional declaration as a large number of them participated in the demonstrations while Christian intellectuals flatly refused the declaration which they termed as “division of the nation”.
Members of the judiciary in Alexandria started a sit-in on Friday (November 23) prior to their participation in extraordinary meetings of the Judges Clubs’ general assemblies scheduled to be held today (November 24) in protest over the recent decrees by President Mursī.
Reactions of Egyptians on the streets escalated over decrees by President Muhammad Mursī on Thursday (November 22) sacking the public prosecutor and immunizing his decisions as political, betraying deep divisions within the society as opponents termed them as “rehash of past dictatorship”. [Author...
Egyptian churches confirmed their withdrawal from the constituent assembly as Priest Angelus, Secretary of Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawāḍrūs II, said the church still sticks to its position about quitting the constitution panel, adding the president’s declaration is causing division among Egyptians.
Coptic activists expressed “profound anger” over the announced final draft constitution and calls for referendum over it without the presence of any representatives of the churches on the panel. 
President Mursī is receiving the draft of Egypt’s first post-revolution constitution from Counselor Husām al-Ghiryānī, Chairman of the Constituent Assembly, in the presence of the constitution-writing members.
Eleven Egyptian newspapers have decided not to print their Wednesday editions to protest President Muhammad Mursī’s controversial constitutional decree. A handful of private satellite channels also reportedly plan to temporarily cease transmission on Wednesday.
Egypt's Constituent Assembly has passed a draft constitution that fails to protect women's rights or guarantee religious freedom, Human Rights Watch said.
A fresh crisis erupted between the awqāf (religious endowments) ministry after a decision by Minister Tal’at ‘Afīfī to sack nine undersecretaries and directors of awqāf in several governorates.


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