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Michel Aoun, a former Lebanese army commander and currently a politician and leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, warned that changing the regime of Syrian President Bashār al-Assad would wreak havoc with Lebanon and the Christians living inside it.  
Meanwhile, Archpriest Frances Farīd of the Beni Suef parish said President Muhammad Mursī’s decisions to retire Field Marshal Muhammad Husayn Tantāwī and cancel the complementary constitutional declaration ended the military’s grip over power but were taken in the wrong time.
The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which was toppled by the Muslim Brotherhood, used to have the right of legislation in accordance with the complementary constitutional declaration and also had the powers to change and even replace the constituent assembly writing a new constitution for...
In an attempt to confront the repeated attacks on the freedom of the media the “Higher Committee for Opposing the ‘Brotherhoodization’ of the press and media, is to meet [Reviewer: no date mentioned] to discuss attempts to close down satellite TV channels and newspapers because of their opposition...
A military source has stated that there is no truth in reports that there have been negative reactions toward the changes that have taken place in leading positions in the armed forces, particularly as there had been coordination and consultation [with the armed forces regarding these changes.
The Egyptian President Muhammad Mursī, has issued major decisions considered by many to be revolutionary.
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār, Minister of Endowments, has stated that a call to promote jihād in Egypt by Dr. ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Birr, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a breach of faith that merited legal action.
Dār al- Iftā’ believes that the call of the member of the guidance bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood Abd al- Rahmān al- Bir to his group “to carry out jihad against those who attack you” is a direct incitement for killing and corruption of the land and spreading fitnah (strife).
Security Forces in Asyut have found a letter addressed to the office of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qena. 
Dr. Ahmad Karīmah, professor of sharī’ah at the Azhar stated in response to al- Qaradawi’s fatwa, calling the participation in the presidential elections harām, that religion has nothing to do with elections and that no person or institution can claim that such a vote or referendum is halāl (...


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