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After the crisis around Haider’s novel "A Banquet for Seaweed" developed fast, the fire also spread inside the Labor Party itself. The bomb exploded in the hand that carried it. Internal conflicts sparked in the party including the conflict over its presidency.
Proposals have been put forward by a number of mediators suggesting compromise and an end to the current dispute within the party. The article mentions that party members do show much enthusiasm for assuming its leadership.
Tarek Radwan writes about the past three unsuccessful attempts to "overthrow" the party’s leader and form a new administration. Then he recounts the three interviews he conducted with key personnel in the party, namely Hamdi Ahmed, Ahmed Idris, and Ahmed Ibrahim Shoukry.
The General Prosecutor will start to examine the file of the dispute over the presidency of the Labor Party, in order to investigate the charges and irregularities claimed to be committed in the party. This came after the decision by the committee of parties not to take into consideration the...
The leader of Al-Wafd party deplored the recent steps taken by the Parties Affairs Committee against the Labor Party and its newspaper. The Party Affairs Committee announced on Sunday the suspension of Al-Shaab and all the other papers issued by the Labor party. The closure will be valid until all...


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