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The current crisis of the frozen opposition party, al-Amal (Labour), entered a new stage after the revocation, by the administrative supreme court, of the ban imposed by the parliamentary committee of parties. There is a high expectation of a revival of the same party.
This article describes the attempts made to solve the problems caused by the group that controlled the Labor Party and manipulated anything it could to achieve its political, moral and journalistic aims.
The author thinks that the main problem of Adel Hussein is that he still imagines that, within a week or a month, a revolution will erupt protesting against the suspension of his party. Hussein still thinks that he is the sponsor of Islam and can grant forgiveness for whatever he likes, and that...
Tarek Radwan writes about the past three unsuccessful attempts to "overthrow" the party’s leader and form a new administration. Then he recounts the three interviews he conducted with key personnel in the party, namely Hamdi Ahmed, Ahmed Idris, and Ahmed Ibrahim Shoukry.
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