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Websites run by fundamentalists published the editorial of the issue No. 60 of the ?Al- Mujahidun? publication, the mouthpiece of the Egyptian Jihad group. It is written by Ayman Al-Zawahri and speaks about Jihad.
Yvonne Ridley is a 48-year-old British journalist best known for her capture by the Tālibān and subsequent conversion to Islām. After she was released, Ridley spoke to the Western press about the Tālibān’s treatment of women and the respect she received from her captors.
In a series of articles entitled, ‘The Perils of a Religious State,’ Jābir ‘Aṣfūr, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Culture, warns of the dangers of Islamic theocracy.
In a series of articles, entitled, ‘The Perils of a Religious State,’ Jābir ‘Aṣfūr, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Culture, examines the first calls for the establishment of a religious state and warns of its dangers.
In his book "Silent No More," Paul Findley recounts how Muslims first came to America. He also sheds light on the way Islām is practiced in Afghanistan and stressed that the Islām of the Taliban is not the true Islām.
The Taliban ruling Afghanistan denied recent reports about its agreement to exchange two Americans, who were accused, with another six aid workers, of Christian missionary activity in Afghanistan, for Omar Abdel Rah...
The author deals with the issue of dialogue among civilizations and suggestions to strengthen interfaith coexistence, stressing that all parties to a dialogue have to reject generalized judgments, which, he said, pose the gravest threat to this process.
The author identifies a number of reasons why he believes Muslim concerns about a crusade led by the U.S. against Islam are justified.
‘Abd Allāh Mustafá reports on the latest survey conducted in The Netherlands, investigating people’s positions on the troop deployment to Afghanistan and how they feel this will affect their country with regards to possible future terrorist attacks.
The author outlines the life of al-Mulā ‘Umar, the official leader of the Tālibān movement, and his mysterious character.


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