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Al-Nūr Party has warned against amending the article. Dr. Sha’baān Abdal ‘Alīm, the assistant secretary general of the party, stated that amending the third article may allow the marriage of gays and stated that Islam only recognizes Christianity and Judaism.
The General Council of Sufi Orders will hold the elections of the Supreme Council for Sufi Orders on Thursday May 15.
Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minister of Endowments,  has assured that he will not allow imāms and preachers to campaign for any political group or candidate. 
The duality is one of the most prominent standards that characterize the Salaf trend in Egypt, especially the branch based in Alexandria. Presided by Yāsir Burhāmῑ, the deputy of the Salafi Daʿwa, the Call has contradictory positions that were manifested on many issues after the revolution of...
Leaders in the Nūr party confessed to having contacts with former NDP members in order to convince them to put their names on the Nūr electoral lists.
The Nūr Party has welcomed the announcement of Field Marshall Abd al- Fattāh al- Sīsī’s bid for presidency and his resignation from the post of Minister of Defense in preparation for the presidential race. Eng. Galāl al- Murrah, Secretary General of the Nūr Party, stated on his Facebook account, “...
Shaykh Yāssir al-Burhāmī, vice president of al- Da’wah al-Salafiyah, has issued a new fatwá, stating that watching sinful movies is permissible, as long as one denounces them in one’s heart. He said he would not allow people to be deemed as unbelievers for participating in television programs that...
The Alexandria Court for Urgent Affairs has decided to postpone the case of dissolving all religious parties till the session of the October 1, 2014.
The Coptic Orthodox Church have criticized the Coptic movements that have announced its attempt to nominate names on the Nūr party lists.
Eng. Salāh Abd al- Ma’būd member of the Nūr Party high board  stated that there is no place for the lists of the party for members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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