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In Nag’ Hamādī it is unknown  what is happening. Whereas the inhabitants assure that the mafia of arms and drugs are kidnapping rich Copts in order to obtain big sums of ransom, others found no solutions but to leave the city.
Yemen offered the British government to exchange five British citizens jailed in Aden for the Egyptian fundamentalist, Abu Hamza Al Masri, who was said to have sent these five to Aden. It asked Britain to hand over Abu Hamza Al Masri, wanted in Yemen, to be prosecuted according to Yemeni law.
The 16-year-old Christian Briton, Hosea Walker converted to Islam, went to an Islamic training camp in Yemen where he has been shot dead. Hosea’s 17-year-old brother Malkay was in the same camp and returned home with the dead body.
The Yemeni government executed Zein Al-Abedeen Al-Mihdar, leader of the Islamist extremist group the Abyan-Aden Islamist Army, in the capital Sana’a on 17 October. Three Britons and an Australian died in a pitched battle between members of the Islamist group and units of the Yemeni army who were...
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