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The article is an interview with the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Goma´a. He comments on many subjects, such as, the concept of legitimate war in Islam, martyrdom operations, the Iraqi Ruling Council, the Iraqi resistance against American occupation, emergency laws and the relationship between...
The Islamic movement is divided into two trends. The first one is jihad whose followers think that they shall fight the current conditions. The second tend is reformation, whose followers think that they can co-exist with the current conditions and reform them through peaceful means. The author...
The Sheikh of the Azhar stated to Al-Hayat newspaper that the explosions that took place in Saudi Arabia and Turkey are most appalling actions, which Allah forbids. These actions are in conflict with reason and with all the divine religions.
It is a fatal mistake to consider religious terrorism an abnormal act that is perpetrated by a group of abnormal youths. Religious terrorism is the product of an existing mentality and culture. We condemn religious violence, but we do not review its causes. We fear the results of this review, for...
The author believes that the evil operation of September 11 generated the false idea that Islam encourages terrorism. He comments on the tolerant nature of Islam and provides historical examples on the peaceful relations Muslims have with Christians and Jews.
The author comments on the issue of jihad in Islam. He believes that Muslims need a new fiqh for jihad that takes into consideration changes in the relations between different nations.
Yenni Wahīd is an Indonesian Muslim who is taking a stand against fundamentalist Islam and warns of a potential threat to the world in Indonesia.
A Hamas legislator from the Gaza Strip explains some of the goals of Hamas and its views on the establishment of a religious state, women, and Islamic law.
The author comments on the events of 11th meeting of the European Council for Fatwa and Research held in Stockholm, Sweden. He believes that the council gives courageous fatwas and ijtihads to handle problems of Muslims. He criticized the council´s perception of jihad.
The article covers the 11th meeting of the European Council for Fatwa and Research. In one of its sessions, there were five researches discussing the issues of jihad and terrorism.


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