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One of the main objectives of Islamists is to apply the laws of the Islamic Shari´a. However, they never associate this objective with developing Muslims. The Shari´a and jihad are means not aims in themselves and any group of laws cannot alone change the society. Muslims are in a problem...
Suggestions for what Muslims should do concerning the fact that the West perceives Islam as its enemy because it rejects secularism and Western modernism.
Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi says that the form of Islam needed for globalization is forged and thus rejected. He believes that it is better to use the word “non-Muslims” instead of “kufar” in the Islamic religious discourse.
Considering himself a member of a moderate Islamic group, that is the Brotherhood, the author responses to an article accusing moderate Islamists of not being concerned about extremist organizations increasing in number because of Al-Qa´ida network.
People in the West do not respect our Islam, they do not respect our Christianity and they originally do not respect us. Such feelings create rage and pushes [youth] to these violent acts everywhere
By far the majority of Muslims today live their lives without recourse to violence, for the Koran is like a pick-and-mix selection. If you want peace, you can find peaceable verses. If you want war, you can find bellicose verses. You can find verses which permit only defensive jihad, or you can...
the September 11 attacks, have launched a severe attack against Islam. They portray Islam as propagating violence, terrorism, hatred and denial of the other.
Before I answer this question, I want to explain what fundamentalism means. Fundamentalism means to return to the origins, in other words, a return to the Holy Qur’ān and the Sunnah [sayings or actions of the Prophet] Accordingly, most Muslims are fundamentalists, even though they reject violence...
Arab political and religious discourse, including the mass media, has failed to access the terrorist mentality, simply because official and religious institutions have locked the door to ijtihād [religious debate that allows for the creation of new rules and fatwas concerning modern issues].
The terrorism recruitment machine is working hard and sympathizers seem ready to get involved. Among them are the protagonists of fundamentalist fatwas. Such fatwas emanate from names that are well known to us and are unfortunately very influential.


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