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Dr. Sa‘d al- Dīn Ibrāhīm argues that with the increasing power of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic political groups, the deletion and amendment of article two of the Egyptian Constitution seems next to impossible. He suggests that the only solution will be to add a new article affirming...
‘Ādil Jindī sheds light on Egyptian statesmen’s ‘perplexing’ statements concerning the second article of the Egyptian Constitution, which designates the principles of the Islamic Sharī‘ah as the main source of legislation. The author discusses the impact of this article on the political situation...
Sāmih Fawzī denounces the increasing religious influence on Egyptian society, and calls for clear constitutional texts that prohibit religious influence on public institutions.
Hāzim Munīr discusses the Muslim Brotherhood’s rejection to the proposed constitutional amendments aimed at separating religion from politics. He argues that they indirectly insist on mixing religion and politics in an attempt to religionize politics and add a divine cover on their own beliefs.
Y?suf Sidhum welcomes the new year and hopes to see a positive change in Egypt. He highlights the positive economic development, and recalls negative incidents from 2006
‘Ādil al-Dawwī reflects on two recent events that created uproar in the Egyptian society: the crisis of the anti-Ḥijāb statements made by the Egyptian minister of culture, and the semi-militaristic parade of Azhar students who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Hāzim ‘Abd al-Rahmān discusses the issue of establishing a political party based on a religious reference, presenting his perspective on the impossibility of establishing such party.
An analysis of the impact of sectarian sedition on Arab policies.
A former intern with the Center for Arab West Understanding, Mia Ulvgraven, provides a personal account of her time in Egypt, and how, as a Westerner, her views have been altered and corrected with living and working in the Middle East.
There is no median between a religious state and a civil state. Many observers consider the proposed constitutional amendments to be encouraging political Islamic groups. While Muslim groups deny any contradiction between article two of the Egyptian Constitution and the principles of citizenship,...


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