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Muslims and Christians are brothers in citizenship. He calls on Copts to wake up and discard passiveness to lead an active and instructive role for the good of Egypt together with their Muslim brothers.
The author rejects the second article of the Egyptian constitution that says, “Islam is the religion of the state and the Islamic Sharī‘ah is the main source of legislation.” He believes that it prepares the way for an Islamic state in Egypt. He therefore points out the dangers of the religious...
Dr. ‘Abd al-Majīd identifies the civil state and the democratic state and calls for a national unanimity on the basic principles that the state is established on.
Islam is a religion and a state and the two cannot and should not be separated. Separating religion from the political and social system is, in Yāsīn’s opinion, equivalent to rejecting Islām and Islamic doctrine. The Islamic political system is based on religion.
In a series of articles, entitled ‘The Perils of a Religious State,’ Dr. Jābir ‘Aṣfūr, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Culture, warns against the dangers of Islamic theocracy.
In a series of articles, entitled, ‘The Perils of a Religious State,’ Jābir ‘Aṣfūr, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Culture, examines the first calls for the establishment of a religious state and warns of its dangers.
The article praises the legal procedure taken against ‘Brotherhood Militias’ that appeared in the Azhar University as a step forward to separating the state from religion.
The author opposes a party or a state based on religion, and uses Iraq as an example of a country cursed by religious state and parties.
The author rejects enforcing political systems that early Muslims followed in contemporary society because this could prevent the country from modernizing. He paints a fanciful picture of how society would be if such political systems were applied.
The veil crisis has deeply exposed the crisis of the Egyptian ruling system and of the Muslim Brotherhood who represents the opposition in the parliament and in the street.


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