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Islamic intellectual Jamāl al-Bannā states that his late brother Hasan al-Bannā, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group, was in leadership similar to Communist leader Lenin. At the same time, he calls to remove the second article of the Egyptian constitution, which stipulates Islām...
Dr ‘Āsim Khashabah criticizes the National Democratic Party (N.D.P.), the governing party in Egypt, for neglecting the role of religion in society, leaving specific political groups to use it for their own benefits. He refers to the mistakes of the government in using the aggressive power of...
The author deals with the address delivered by President Husnī Mubārak on the occasion of Laylat al-Qadr, in which he urged scholars to pursue a contemporary religious discourse that will help spread the principles of tolerance.
The review discusses the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hasan al-Bannā, the founder and first guide of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, and counterarguments that al-Bannā was not angry about the 1940s assassination of Judge al- Khāzindār. It also describes the parliamentary battle between...
The author criticizes the minister of Awqāf’s attitude toward the Western attacks on Islam.
A discussion about a book that speaks about Islam and issued in Paris.
Imīl Amīn mentions the principles for successful Muslim-Christian dialogue.
The author of the article blames backwardness of the Muslim East on the lack of separation between religion and the state.
The controversial Islamic writer Jamāl al-Bannā reveals his views on the reasons behind religious violence, ijtihād and Islamic conquests.
Subtitle:- Some monks in Saint Samuel’s Monastery broke into the room of a fellow monk and took everything.- Did one of the monks say to the bishop "I will tie you up and send you to the pope with my thanks"The case of Monk Gawargius al-Sa’omuli and goings-on at Saint Samuel’s Monastery.


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