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The author of the article blames backwardness of the Muslim East on the lack of separation between religion and the state.
The controversial Islamic writer Jamāl al-Bannā reveals his views on the reasons behind religious violence, ijtihād and Islamic conquests.
Subtitle:- Some monks in Saint Samuel’s Monastery broke into the room of a fellow monk and took everything.- Did one of the monks say to the bishop "I will tie you up and send you to the pope with my thanks"The case of Monk Gawargius al-Sa’omuli and goings-on at Saint Samuel’s Monastery.
President Housni Moubarak gave a comprehensive political speech to Al-Ahram newspaper last week. This speech dealt with the president’s viewpoints concerning the most important internal and external issues and was clear and self- evident. Yet the problems of the Copts, and their aspirations for the...
Muhammad ‘Imarah compares the difference between the Islamic model of Arabic culture and the secular model of Western culture.
In this series of articles the author writes about the Islamic caliphate. He argues that it has never been theocratic or despotic, citing writings and books by several orientalists and Europeans. He contrasts the caliphate with the medieval theocracy.
Bahīy al-Dīn Hasan presented a paper on religious tension during the Intercultural Dialogue for the Euro-Mediterranean Region Conference in Paris.
The author of the article, ‘Ādil Jindī, discusses excerpts from speeches by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which he urged his people to prepare themselves for the return of the Mahdī. Jindī quotes the speaker of the Iranian Majlis, Mahdī Karrubi, as saying that in preparation for the...
‘Imarah defines the reasons behind the success of the Islamic state.
‘Imarah explains what distinguishes the Islamic ruling system from others.


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