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‘Imarah explains what distinguishes the Islamic ruling system from others.
The author highlights statements of Egyptian Muftī ‘alī Jum‘a on many important issues related to Islam and Egyptian society.
Dr. Wasīm al-Siysī disputes the claim that states ruled by religion are more successful than those ruled by positivist man-made laws, using the ancient Egyptian state and the modern state of Israel as cases in point.
The author discusses citizenship rights in Egypt exposing the opinions of various Egyptian prominent figures during a seminar held by the High Council for Culture.
The author attacks the Muslim Brotherhood saying that it is against civilization and seeks to establish a state ruled by one party.
The author reports a summarized version of the suggestions that were the focus of the fifth meeting of the Egyptian-German dialogue that was held lately in Hanover, Germany. The meeting lasted for five days and was attended by many researchers, university professors, some Muslim and Christian...
The article deals with the controversial statements made by Prime Minister Ahmad Nazīf in which he described Egypt as a "secular state" amidst outcries protesting that the premier’s statements clashed with the constitution.
Ashley Makar discusses the paranoia surrounding the issue of conversion, the Alexandria incidents and the words of hatred spouted by both some Muslims and Christians, calling for dialogue and openness.
Ayman al-Bishbīshī continues in the nineteenth episode of his series of articles about “The Future of Theocracy in Egypt”.


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