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Dr. 'Alī Jum'ah, Muftī of the Republic, writes that Islam assures political rights for the individuals. There are four main political rights in Islam: first the right to choose the ruler; second, participation in issues that concerns the general public, which is the concept of the shūrá; third,...
Reviewing a book by a Lebanese writer on whether or not "Islām is the answer."
The author criticizes calls made by Islamic writer Dr. Muhammad ‘Umāra for the return of an Islamic caliphate under the Muslim Brotherhood. He cites opinions by some scholars who argue that the caliphate belongs only to the history books and can never be applied in contemporary times.
The author criticizes the Muslim Brotherhood’s slogan "Islam is the Solution" and describes it as being deceptive. He believes it does not reflect the ideology of the group and calls for a new form of Islamic discourse.
To revive the Azhar, many professors and scholars advocate choosing the shaykh of the Azhar by election instead of appointment.
In an interview Dr. Mahmoud Ismā‘īl explains the reasons behind his strong convection that calls for establishing Islamic religious state are not part of the genuine Islamic teaching, rather they are politically-motivated.
Throughout their history, Muslims have never encountered what is now called women’s issues regarding work, political participation or any other aspect, neither during the age of Islamic glory, nor during the stages of weakness, said Mufti of the Republic ‘Alī Jumca in an interview
One of the most serious problems facing Arab nations is the imaginary Islamic identity, namely the inclination of some political Islam groups to invent an Islamic identity which they want to see replacing the Arab, or even the moderate Islamic, one.
Majdī Khalīl criticizes Muslim extremists who he believes are leading the Arab and Muslim world to backwardness and preventing them from keeping up with modernization.
Intellectual Fahmī Huwaydī criticizes in an interview ailing political practices and blames political parties that fail to rise up to people’s expectations due to their frail partisan performance and internal disputes and power struggles.


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