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The head of the Shari`a Supporters organization Abu Hamzah Al-Masry threatened to bomb all western airplanes both civilian and military. He assured [reporters of] his determination to raise his plan in the meeting of fundamentalist groups held in London.
Ahmed Omar Hashim accused an Egyptian TV serial of doing harm to Muslim scholars.
All this commotion began when some of the great Azhar scholars were brought before disciplinary councils because of their attitudes towards the policy of the Azhar and its Sheikh. Dr. Abd Al-Mo'ti Bayoumi said that the people who brought suits against their colleagues do not have the ability to...
During recent years, the Muslims in Spain have formed a big group which has its own place in society. The Muslims are facing difficult problems concerning terrorists. The Spanish mass media established a link between them and the Muslims in Spain and they called it " The Islamic Terrorism".
An overview of the position of Copts in Egypt.
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli said, "Terrorism is now denounced by people who had previously sympathized with underground groups, believing them to be Islamists preaching religion."
The author argues against the hisba-courts and the self-appointed guardians of Islam. These guardians live in an age of lies, twisting of facts, dodging, forgery and theft. Yes, they steal, hide, shadow, cheat and lie about God, his Prophet and the believers. He continues to argue that sheikh...
Fundamentalists, in particular the Islamist variety, relate to religious concepts, including the concept of Jihad, in an instrumentalist approach which is nearly always absolutist, that is, it entails an absolute assertion of one, generally de-contextualized, aspect of religion and a total...
The lawyer Montasser Al- Zayat is defending himself in this interview. He said that he is the lawyer of the Islamic groups, but this does not mean that he cooperates with them or approves everything they do.
The government is trying nowadays to carry out an insurance project for the foreign tourists to protect them against terrorism.


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