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Did the Islamist project fail or does it continue to form a government in waiting? Interview with the Tunisian sheikh Rashed Al-Ghenoushi (57) who lives in exile in London.
The State Security caught a 20 years old student in Assiut who has been sending letters in the name of the Gama’at al-Islamiya to extort money from an engineer living in Assiut.
An Egyptian from Port Said became the secretary-general of the Islamic Union in the USA. There are ten million Muslims in the US, attempting to become a pressure group, penetrating all positions.
Sources in Pakistan revealed the arrest of 40 of Osama Bin Laden’s helpers in a world-wide detention campaign in which Egypt participated. The sources affirmed that 32 were arrested last month, six of them were arrested in Egypt.
Military prosecutors are questioning more than 50 suspects, including more than a dozen extradited by other countries, in connection with the 1995 suicide bombing of the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad which killed 16 people.
Many writers, such as Benjamin Barber, have argued that the next century will be a struggle between extreme capitalism and extreme fundamentalism, or as Barber puts it, McWorld versus Jihad, with the overall loser in the struggle, in Barber’s view, being democracy.
Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, who is currently in a US jail, has called for the end of all militant activities in Egypt carried out by Islamic groups and to completely disassociate themselves from the Saudi terrorist Usama Bin Laden. Other extremists leader, however, disagree.
Two million youths are members of social clubs, and the extremists are attempting to enter these clubs.
In a speech made in London last week, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook called for a dialogue between the West and the Islamic World and for establishing channels for more cultural exchanges between the two sides.
Minister of Interior Habib el-Adly called for the upgrade the performance of policemen in order to avoid the recurrence of terrorist waves and an international conference on means of fighting terrorism.


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