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Sheik Abdallah Ben Manie’-member of the committee for senior scholars answers about the correct method of training for preachers and questions whether or not the Muslims have fulfilled their obligation towards dawa (Islamic mission.)
For the first time after the Luxor attack on November 17, 1997, Islamist militants went on the offensive again. They attacked in Beni-Mazaar, near Minia, a police car carrying four policemen, including Lt. Col. Alaa Qandil, and killed them. Two civilians, who happened to be on the spot, were...
A brief contemplation on the nature of Islam.
An article on the penalty of certain crimes in Islam.
Egypt’s minister of interior denounced the publication of the extremists statement in el-Destour and said that newspapers should investigate such statements thoroughly before publishing them because they affect the public’s sense of safety. The minister also said he is against a dialogue with...
Two extremists groups gave out a statement saying they operate now as a unity targeting Americans and Israelis. An Egyptian terrorist expert, however, dismissed the claim as an attempt of the various militant groups to appear united.
The author Rifa’at Sa’id argues that Islam in his view is humanistic and is not the way Islamists present it. The Prophet Mohammed presented a flexible, logical and human method in dealing with people who have different beliefs or opinions. There are no people with infallible interpretations of the...


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