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An interview with Dr. Mohammed Farouk Al-Nabhan, director of the Hassania School for Tradition.
Mohammed Sadeq, who is a major suspect in the explosions of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, admitted that he managed to escape from Kenya through the help of local citizens who are in touch with the Jihad organization.
Are the explosions which took place at the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam a message from Ayman Al-Zuahri to Clinton?
The human rights record of the American police force reveals the hypocrisy of the American system.
An extensive feature on the market for religious audio tapes.
Amnesty International and the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) have said in reports on the year 1997 there have been two negative developments. The first was the People’s Assembly’s decision to extend the Emergency Law, in force since 1981, for three more years. The second negative...
Since the beginning of 70s, there has been a rise in political Islam and the call for the establishment of a religious state. It was met with nervous reactions from the Copts. It should make us think about the future of national unity.
A group of veiled women wearing face covers distribute extremist audio tapes in the women’s section of the metro in generous quantities. "Muslims should be ready for the confrontation with the Christians before the Christians attack us" is the message.
Representatives of the Islamic world recommended that the efforts exerted to establish an international court for the executors of terrorist operations and genocide should be supported.
Extremists announced that they had to intensify their campaign on the Internet to refute insulting allegations propagandized by foreigners and Coptic extremists.


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