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Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār, Minister of Endowments, has stated that a call to promote jihād in Egypt by Dr. ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Birr, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a breach of faith that merited legal action.
An article appeared in Tahrīr stating that the late Sayyid Qutb, main ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a freemason.
Raghib al- Sirgāny, one of he Muslim Brotherhood figures has called in an article to obey the “tyrannical ruler”.
Politicians and members of political parliaments have requested that the Ministry of Endowments purge itself from Muslim Brotherhood members within its employees. 
Anas al-Tikrītī’s British bank accounts, alongside those of his family and his famed organization, Cordoba Foundation, have been closed by the British government.
We aren't here to favor one religion over another, or compare between human beliefs… we can't tame this attitude. But we can differentiate a person’s behaviors when they have the same responsibility and are in the same place.
Watch...Naguib Jibra’el: “Rami Jan” does not represent Copts The counselor Naguib Jibra’el [Najīb Jibrāʾīl], head of the organization of Egyptian union for human rights, has emphasized that the fugitive Journalist Rami Jan [Rāmī Jān] , who  frequently appears the Muslim Brotherhood’s Media channels...
`Ali Jūm`ah, member of the Senior `Ulema Council and former Mufti of Egypt, launched an attack on the Muslim Brotherhood, describing them as a “terrorist group that persists to Mūshrik (polytheist) attitude.”
What is it that drives Hamās, the Jordanian Muslim Brothers, and many other Islamist groups before them, to declare openly that they are not associated to the Muslim Brotherhood Organization (MBO) of Egypt or to its international branches? The failures of the Muslim Brotherhood today is the result...


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