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In Samālout, al-Minya governorate, the Holy Family reached Jabal al-Tayr on their blessed journey. On the first of June every year, many Egyptians celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary.
Pamphlets printed in Saudi Arabia appeared hours before the Shamm al- Nasīm feast in Egypt calling for preserving the Islamic identity and prohibiting Muslims from celebrating others’ feasts.
The writer reviews in this article two books concerning circumcision as a tradition....Where did it come from? Why do people perform it? Does it really have health benefits or not?
A listing of articles in the Egyptian press concerning the festival of Easter.
The president, in the celebrations held annually by the awqāf ministry to celebrate the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, called on Muslims all over the world to catch up with modern developments and science.
Sawt al-Umma reports that the Shaykh of the Azhar has accepted an invitation to attend the Hanukah celebration in Egypt, while on the same day, Rose al-Yousuf publishes the Azhar’s denial of the news.
A Punjabi called Ghulam Ahmed claimed that there is a tomb of Jesus Christ in Kashmir. Ahmed founded a religious group that offends both Islam and Christianity. He once claimed that he was the Messiah and then claimed that he was a manifestation of the Prophet. The author believes that the story of...
The author of the article argues that Egyptian national unity is no longer as consolidated as it used to be.
A discussion of the different place clergy and Islamic shaykhs obtain their garments.
Hassānī Fahmī Hassānī, 45, is alleged to have regained his sight on Layla al-Qadr, after 18 years of being blind.


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