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Some people may wonder why these lines are written?! The reason is simply something that happened during the first day of the Eid Al-Fitr. ... I have nothing to say to those who call themselves the Muslim Brotherhood but "Stop harming our good Islam! Because when you commit a crime, the Western...
Arms trading is the only suspect that no one paid attention to in the recent incident at Al-Kosheh, although it was behind every incident to threaten the security and safety of citizens and the country, and although the bats of darkness [the terrorists] used them [the firearms] to kill around 1500...
It seems that Muslims have no other option but to believe that they are destined to fight fierce warfare in the twenty first century and they will not find any way out of its fires. The snares are set everywhere and these snares are getting narrower every day. In this new era, Muslims have no...
UNESCO is calling for the year 2000 to be a year of peace. At the time of celebrating Christmas, we do not see the peace Jesus has taught us but we see violence, unfairness and fanaticism.
Jesus Christ was born to bring peace and love to all the humanity. He came to ban discriminations and to bless Egypt.
Copts and Muslims were fasting in the same time. Now, they are celebrating their feasts together. At the same time, they are all sad to hear about the sad events, which happened in Al-Koshh.
Almost at the same time, Muslims celebrate the Bairam and Christians celebrate Christmas. This is a good chance for both groups to know more about each other’s religions and beliefs and to keep the brotherhood spirit high.
President Mubarak decided on December 28, 1999, to easy the procedure for restoring Churches. The procedure for restoring Churches and Mosques is now the same.
Whatever the circumstances were, or the excuses, what happened last week in Al-Koshh that is located in Upper Egypt should not pass away without strict and harsh punishment for everyone who caused or participated in or encouraged the disaster.
During the next few days, Al-Koshh will witness a reconciliation conference attended by executive and people’s leaders after the reconciliation committee succeeded in agreeing about the basis of the final reconciliation between the parties of the problem.


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