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Two Arab-West Report interns report on a Sūfī dancing performance by the Al Tannoura dance troupe at the Wikala of Al Ghouri in Cairo.
The article sheds light on a group of rich and powerful people the author ironically calls the elite. The author condemns their arrogant ways and the manner in which they manipulate and monopolize their society and religion.
President Hosni Mubarak has issued a decision to the effect that January 7, Christmas in Egypt, is a national holiday for all Egyptians. The decision was highly praised and welcomed.
A riot in 721 AH, during the rule of Sulṭān Muḥammad Bin Qalāwūn, left 51 churches ruined in various cities in Egypt.
In the Epiphany the Divinity of Jesus Christ Son of God was manifested by the descending Holy Spirit.
In order to spread the spirit of tolerance and unity between Copts and Muslims, some Coptic singers tend to compose folk music to praise the Prophet Muhammad and his companion.
The author discusses the celebrations surrounding Easter, both in Egypt and the West, and breaks down a number of traditions tracing their origin back to the original time of Christ.
The writer talks about the Baptism feast, and how all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, are sharing and celebrating these moments that indicates a unique social heritage.
Pope Shenouda III and the head of the Evangelical Church congratulated the Grand Imām and all Muslims on the Lesser Bairam.
The issue of celebrating the mulid of Abū Hasera aroused the anger of the inhabitants of Demtawa, where his tomb is located. There are many conflicting stories about the reality of his character. Some stories say that he was one of the prophets that were sent to the Israelites in Egypt and...


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