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Businessman Hānī ‘Azīz organized a national unity suhour banquet, to which he invited a number of Muslim and Christian men of religion.
Listing for articles about Egypt’s National Unity Iftār on October, 18, in which Christians joined Muslims breaking their fast at the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral.
Since Egyptian society is formed by both Muslims and Christians, the customs and traditions of the two communities have intermixed. Some Muslims celebrate Coptic occasions and some Copts fast Ramadān.
In an interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī, lawyer and politician Mukhtār Nouh speaks about the role of arts and literature in the Islamic state.
Hymn performers have recently tried to develop the spiritual art but they are making a slow progress.
Religious hymns have a long history, but in its current form, a young British Muslim named Sami Yousuf has a remarkably successful career in the field, after releasing his first album in 2003 in Europe.
Ramadan is again upon us: The Islamic holy month of fasting begins on Friday, October 15. We should all hope that U.S. forces in Iraq don’t make the same mistake with regard to it this year that they did last.
Egypt has always been famous for celebrating the mulids [a folkloric celebration of the birth of a saint] of walis [a Muslim saint] and Christian saints. Both Muslims and Christians celebrate together regardless their religion. The mulids of Al- Hussein [the Grandson of Prophet Mohammad], Al-...
An extended summary of seven articles in a Dutch daily newspaper describing an average Christian family in a Muslim society. Two family members and the editor of AWR responded to the text. The article gives a good description of what it is to be an average Christian in Egyptian society.
Christian reporter Nagy George, critical of US Coptic activists, passed away. Report on a visit to the monasteries of al-Muharraq, al-Qussia and Assiut. Description of the conversations on difficulties around expanding the Monastery and Muslim-Christian relations in the area with Bishop Thomas of...


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