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In a response to the disturbances in Alexandria, a number of Christian youth and intellectuals have decided to hoist a flag to represent the Christians in Egypt.
The author calls for an end to religious slogans between Muslims and Christians, which could lead to a crack in society.
The Alexandria Christian Film Festival has created a controversy. We took opposing opinions to the president of the festival and some critics.
After the recent arguments about the conditions of the Copts in Egypt, the Alexandria Christian Film Festival will begin as a means of creating balance in the society…. Jamcīya Nidā’ al-Ajrās lil Iclām wa al-Thaqāfa wa al-Tanmiya [church bells’ call association for media, culture, and development...
The author claims of giving a firsthand look at “the persecuted church in Egypt.” He approaches some of Egypt´s evangelical Christians who claim that they are under siege by militant Muslims.
Some people look for the Cross and the Star of David in everything around them. This is a kind of phobia that can be called signphobia. Regardless of the concepts material things come to symbolize, the absolute material thing is prior to the symbol it comes to refer to.
In Fathī Ghānim’s famous novel Bint Min Shubrā [A girl from Shubrā], a Muslim man, Karīm Safwān, says, "Shubrā can never be Shubrā without Sainte Teresa." Asked by the Christian woman Maria Sandro whether he knows Saint Teresa, Safwān replies that: "My mother told me that her brother Bassyounī goes...
Dr. Ahmad Sokarno ‘Abd al-Hāfiz argues that relations between Egyptians, Muslim or Christians, are best abroad, where all the causes of tension do not exist.
In an interview with Rose al-Yousuf, editor-in-chief of al-Katība al-Tībīya (the Theban legion) and Pastor of the Virgin Mary and Pope Kyrillos Church, Father Mityās Nasr Mankarius speaks out on the aims of the controversial magazine.
Usāma Salāma blames al-Katība al-Tībīya magazine for what he describes as promoting extremist views on the pretext of defending religion.


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