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The phenomenon of Islamic schools is not new; the new thing is that these schools do not accept employing Christian teachers or enlisting Christian students. Last week an advertisement appeared in the last page of al-Ahram about a school called ?Al-Bashayir al-Islāmīyah.” The advertisement called...
‘Ādil Jindī sheds light on Egyptian statesmen’s ‘perplexing’ statements concerning the second article of the Egyptian Constitution, which designates the principles of the Islamic Sharī‘ah as the main source of legislation. The author discusses the impact of this article on the political situation...
An analysis of the impact of sectarian sedition on Arab policies.
Students from various levels of education express their thoughts and impression about their colleagues who have a different religion.
Four different opinions from Muslims and Christians, concerning the campaign launched by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights to have religion data omitted from identity cards.
The author writes about the ongoing Islamization of Egypt. In this article he describes the historical Arabization of Egypt.
The author asserts that women, who are hiding their faces or hair, are actually hiding their natural identity, which was given to them by God.
The author deals with the hijab as a new identity for Muslims, instead of playing a social role, listing some factors that led to this change.
The Islamic singing business and its gains that reached twelve million Egyptian pounds. Islamic sources asserted that Islamic singing began thirty years ago and it was allowed according to certain conditions.
Preaching on public transport has become a phenomenon in the past few years. “It is very common in microbuses to find people giving cassette tapes with religious content to the driver to play throughout the journey.” Walīd Ahmad, a university student, says.
Pamphlets printed in Saudi Arabia appeared hours before the Shamm al- Nasīm feast in Egypt calling for preserving the Islamic identity and prohibiting Muslims from celebrating others’ feasts.
The author calls for an end to religious slogans between Muslims and Christians, which could lead to a crack in society.
The policy of boycotting Western products led to a commercial use of Islam. Iran could be considered the first country to professionally pursue what is called the “Islamization” of Western products.
The Alexandria Film Festival is reflecting suppressed anger of many Copts in reaction to art works that pictured them and their affairs. They were outraged by works that covered their relations with their Muslim counterparts, like the “Awān al-Ward” series, reflecting how they placed paramount...
Translator: The Christian Film Festival generated diverse reactions. Some fear it turning into a political rally, especially that it is showing Church production outside the Church premises.
Does Egypt need a Christian film festival? The answer is no! The “Call of the Bells Association is organizing a festival for all the films produced inside the Church. Most of them include theological teachings and lack artistic attraction, unlike a piece of art like the “passion of the Christ”...
Bishop Marqus, Bishop of Shubrā al-Khayma diocese, said the Egyptian church has decided to launch a Christian satellite channel to express the views of the Orthodox Church.
The idea of politicizing children´s toys and attaching religious meanings to them is one of the ideas that are in use and widespread on the global level. Iran produced the Sarah doll as a solution to stop the circulation of the Barbie doll, which is seen as a kind of cultural invasion. Now the...
Some people look for the Cross and the Star of David in everything around them. This is a kind of phobia that can be called signphobia. Regardless of the concepts material things come to symbolize, the absolute material thing is prior to the symbol it comes to refer to.
In Fathī Ghānim’s famous novel Bint Min Shubrā [A girl from Shubrā], a Muslim man, Karīm Safwān, says, "Shubrā can never be Shubrā without Sainte Teresa." Asked by the Christian woman Maria Sandro whether he knows Saint Teresa, Safwān replies that: "My mother told me that her brother Bassyounī goes...


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