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The article sheds light on a report issued by the Immigration Bureau in Vienna on the Islamophobia phenomenon.
A big picture of a European girl wearing an Islamic veil was put on one of the most important buildings in Copenhagen under the title "the symbol of the Middle East." The picture caught the attention of passers by, especially Arabs.
With the growth of home-grown terrorism in Europe and in Canada, scholars and experts discuss the reasons why some Muslims in Western societies seem to be drawn to terrorism.
Some people look for the Cross and the Star of David in everything around them. This is a kind of phobia that can be called signphobia. Regardless of the concepts material things come to symbolize, the absolute material thing is prior to the symbol it comes to refer to.
Dr. Muhammad al-Bishārī, Chairman of the General Federation of French Muslims asserts that Muslims in Europe are an important part of their evolving societies. However he argues that they face many challenges in European societies and should have the right to preserve their Islamic identities.
An interview with his holiness Pope Shenouda III covering the reality of the clash of civilizations, the different dates for celebrating Christmas and Easter, rumors of sectarian strife and extremism in religion and other subjects.
The Committee for Children’s Rights of the United Nations asked France yesterday to edit the law of banning religious symbols so that it does not lead to the expulsion of students from schools. The Committee stated that “the state should guarantee that the rights of individuals are not violated and...
Democracy is the keyword in the crisis of the veil in France Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim discusses the crisis caused by the French draft law banning Muslim women from wearing head covers in French public schools and institutions He argues that people should not overlook the great significance lying...
Muslim missionary Mohammed Al-Saghir says there is an urgent need for faithful missionaries who are willing to explain the principles of Islam and its rules in France.
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