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Some people look for the Cross and the Star of David in everything around them. This is a kind of phobia that can be called signphobia. Regardless of the concepts material things come to symbolize, the absolute material thing is prior to the symbol it comes to refer to.
In Fathī Ghānim’s famous novel Bint Min Shubrā [A girl from Shubrā], a Muslim man, Karīm Safwān, says, "Shubrā can never be Shubrā without Sainte Teresa." Asked by the Christian woman Maria Sandro whether he knows Saint Teresa, Safwān replies that: "My mother told me that her brother Bassyounī goes...
Dr. Ahmad Sokarno ‘Abd al-Hāfiz argues that relations between Egyptians, Muslim or Christians, are best abroad, where all the causes of tension do not exist.
In an interview with Rose al-Yousuf, editor-in-chief of al-Katība al-Tībīya (the Theban legion) and Pastor of the Virgin Mary and Pope Kyrillos Church, Father Mityās Nasr Mankarius speaks out on the aims of the controversial magazine.
Usāma Salāma blames al-Katība al-Tībīya magazine for what he describes as promoting extremist views on the pretext of defending religion.
The author discusses the Coptic revolutions against the Muslims in the 8th and 9th centuries.
Dr. Muhammad al-Bishārī, Chairman of the General Federation of French Muslims asserts that Muslims in Europe are an important part of their evolving societies. However he argues that they face many challenges in European societies and should have the right to preserve their Islamic identities.
The author discusses the possibility that religious affiliations have become more important than national affiliations and urges Egyptians to steer clear of this path.
President Jacques Chirac forewarns that Turkey’s rejection by Europe may cause it to move towards fundamentalism and fanaticism.
Some days ago and in one of the daily newspapers we read a unique idiom. The idiom reads “the Islamic example of the sexual relation.” Even the sexual relation between a husband and a wife was classified religiously under Islamic concepts. Why do we insist on adding the word ‘Islamic’ to every...


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