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Imagine that you have switched on the television and found a man announcing to everybody that Copts are persecuted and that they suffer from the Islamic occupation that must leave Egypt. Minutes later, another man appears, explaining religion in his own way, saying that Christians are Kufar [non-...
Lebanon’s Cedar of the Martyr war memorial, hidden away in the mountains, is better known to Americans than local Lebanese. Among the hundreds of stones commemorating victims of the 1975-1990 Lebanese civil war there is one for the 241 US marines killed in a suicide bombing in Beirut in 1983.
Although Father George Qanawati has been widely celebrated, works on him as an intellectual, thinker and a philosopher have been too scarce. This is exactly what has prompted us to review Hani Labeeb’s documentary book on Father George Qanawati...
Muslim missionary Mohammed Al-Saghir says there is an urgent need for faithful missionaries who are willing to explain the principles of Islam and its rules in France.
Are Copts a minority? The debate is raging on.
Article on the Sufi artist Yassin Al-Tohami which gives some background on Sufism in Egypt.
The Egyptian Coptic Church objects to the use of the Cross as a trade mark for building materials, windows and doors.
Sidhom discusses Tarek Heggy’s philosophy about the principle of ’accepting the other’. "That deserves to replace the principles of tolerance as a distinguishing mark of civilization in tomorrow’s world." he says.
Also Dr. al-Qimni addresses issues of double standards. For example one of the current Sheikhs of extremism thinks that it is the Muslim’s duty to declare war against Bulgaria and Spain since they were once Islamic territories. But territories that were once Christian are not discussed. Several...


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